Langweilige Schul Tage und spannedes Familienleben

Mittwoch, 02.05.2012

Moin, moin…

And again so much time flew by and you are waiting for my stories.


Sunday 08.04.2012

Easter Sunday. ButEaster is like birthdays and Christmas just not big here. I got in the morning my chocolate and helped Lynda decorating and cooking. I showered and got dressed. The grandparents came and we ate Easter lunch together. They left. We played PlayStation.


Monday 09.04.2012

Ivan. Lance and I went to Greenacres. The boys did their thing I went shopping. It`s a strange feeling but I already think about presents for my leaving…

Back at home we packed our school bags and watched TV. We ate very hot (spicy) curry for dinner.


Tuesday 10.04 – Friday 13.04.2012

Tuesday: first school day in second term was boring. Therapy was nice. Iris visited us. I still don´t like her.

Wednesday: school was boring. Nothing else happened.

Thursday: school was okay. Therapy was nice. I feel good and free and could hug the whole world! Laura and I made fish and chips for dinner.

Friday: Happy birthday Mama! Nothing happened in school just that they are all still very childish when teachers try to talk about sex. They are all between 17-21but behaving like kindergarten kids! The boys (lance and Ivan) had a squash match and I watched them. It is a nice sport maybe I`ll try it. We got changed for scouts at home. Scouts were fun but I am always very tired afterwards.


Saturday 14.04.2012

I helped Lynda washing the dogs Shiba and Maxx that was a lot of work because they are big dogs but it was also fun. She also washed the cat Seth but I think washing a cat is not right. Afterwards Ivan, Lance, Lynda, Laura and Iwent swimming in our pool. But it was very cold. A friend from lance and Laura came they had a lan-party with Ivan I went sleeping.

Sunday 15.04.2012

My day was a bit boring. I read and watched TV the most of the day.


Monday 16.04- Friday 20.04.2012

Monday: school was okay, tennis was very nice. My coach took time for me and explained me some stuff she want that when I am leaving I am perfect. She is really nice and tries her best but I am just not really good in tennis.

Tuesday: school was okay my therapy was awesome.

Wednesday: Lance, Ivan and I are sick. Our stomachs do funny things so we stayed at home. I studied bio.

Thursday: Packet from the best grandparents. Thank you so much!

School was okay. I had to teach some little grade 9 how to play tennis. We went after school to the post office to fetch my packet and we bought food and stationary.

Friday: A postcard from my family and a letter from Luisa, thank you guys.  School was nice. I watched again the squash match. It looks funny. We got changed for scouts. The evening at the scouts where awesome, I like it there more and more. I had to get used to it, because it`s different but they are all nice.


Saturday 21.04- Sunday 22.04.2012

My weekend was boring. I watched TV and read and stuff like this nothing special.


Monday 23.04- Sunday 29.04.2012

Monday: off course my knee has to play crazy. Lynda picked me and lance up. He had something in his ankle and had also so much pain that he couldn’t walk. We watched a movie at home but my knee was really very sore.

Tuesday: School was totally boring and my knee made me still problems. My one music teacher (I have 2) is very sick and we had today a new very strange one.

Wednesday: school was okay. Lance and I went home and not to squash. His ankle and my knee are still painful. Laura and Lynda picked us up. We drove to different shops to buy different stuff. We made some costumes because tomorrow is future day.

Thursday: Today was future day and if you pay 5 Rand (you have always to pay when it is a not school uniform day) you can come in your dream job work outfit. I went as a scientist, because I have no diving stuff here. (How you all know I want to be a marine biologist later) The most girls looked really bitchy, so I know what their dream job is. ;) Even without wearing uniform they still look the same. It´s so wired they all wear the same stuff. No one has a one style; okay they never learned it but still. There was no tennis today. But lance and I went with tennis stuff to his old primary school and played there. The school is not far away and the principal is a friend from the family.

Friday: today is freedoms day in South Africa so we had free. I met with Jodé (my old hostsister in green acres) we ate breakfast together and talked. It was nice to see her again she was in America when I moved out and we never saw each other again. She brought me Branka´s letter. Thank you so much for it! I met up with Laura and lance. Stephi phoned us and asked if we want to come with her, Rosche (her boyfriend, Paul´s host brother) Paul, his girlfriend and another friend with to the movies. We said yes. Laura went home with Lynda. We watched the avengers. It is an awesome movie! You see Papa I do like marvel! Stephi, lance and I went shopping and eating waffles. Lynda picked us up. We got dressed for scouts and went there. Stephi is an Austrian scout so she is, like ma, interested in the work from other scouts. We had an awesome evening. We brought her home and ate dinner.

Saturday: I went with Lynda and Laura to a baby party. One of the cousins is pregnant. All the female members of the family and the best friends met with the pregnant one. You play games and she has to guess from who is which present. You eat and have fun together. You get a lot of fun as the mother, I think it is a good idea because you don`t really have to buy anything anymore. I watched a movie with lance back at home.

Sunday: The day was okay. Lance left for some scout activities where I cannot come with.  Lynda and I were planting some flowers for the winter. Planting something for winter is strange and these flowers are our spring flowers like “Osterglocken”. But it was fun. We had a braai and I made the salad.


Monday 30.04- Tuesday 01.05.2012

Two free, boring days. I didn`t really do anything than watching TV and sleeping long. I wrote this blog and phoned with my parents and Niklas.

Happy birthday to my awesome grandfather.


Wednesday 02.05.2012

 Scholl was boring. I went with to squash. Squash is awesome!!! I really like and enjoy it.


So meine Lieben eigentlich ist nicht vieles spannendes passiert. Lernt englisch oder ihr wisst halt nicht was los ist ;)


Bis in 2 Monaten (okay es wird noch weitere blog eintraege hoffentlich vor meiner rueckkehr geben.) 

Eure Fenja 

Vieles ist passiert. Vieles gut einiges schlecht...

Samstag, 07.04.2012

Dear Blog…

Now I`m sitting here the page is still blank and I know that you want to know so badly what is going on in my life. First of all I am very sorry to let you wait so long this time but my life is since school started again a huge chaos and in every corner is a new adventure waiting. Sometimes I had to fight sometimes I could just enjoy my time. Now I have holidays and I swore myself that I gonna write you this damn report. So yeah, 2½ months is now my last report over and I am scared to open my diary because I know how much is in there and how much I have to type now. Please don`t be angry with me if I short days. I still love you ;) I know that a lot of you know more and others less I try to write day per day and not to write about the future so please read day per day and don`t mix the next day with the actual one. Thanks and have fun with reading.


Monday 16.01.2012

Haha Niklas, Happy Birthday again even when it`s much too late. 

School was nice. Michelle and I talked a lot. Tennis was great. I am still thinking about changing. The sun makes me really tired. I slept the rest of the day.


Tuesday 17.01.2012

School was good. I hate racist people. I had to explain what racism is and in the time I was thinking about it said Nikita, a bitch from my class “she as a German has to know what racism is.” The people here are often very racist to each and everyone but I just don`t like it. Dominik, Stephi (the Austrian exchange girl) and I talked a lot in the break. We tried to find the new German chick but we couldn`t find her.  I took the bus home washed my things, did my homework, watched TV and ate. Tina was hitting Ricky again I hate it when she is doing it. I started to try to talk to Jodé about my changing plans but I didn`t really knew what to say.


Wednesday 18.01.2012

It was a very hot day, but school was nice. I talked a lot with Michelle, also about my changing plans. She said lance`s family might be nice but Lance is an outsider in school because he smokes and if I move to them everyone will talk bad about me. I like Lance he is a good friend and his family is nice. I am confused if I have to believe what Michelle is saying or not. I took the bus home and fed Jodè´s Hamster. She is now for a moth in America and gave me her Hamster to take care of. I slept, took a shower and had again no dinner. (I just start now to tell you the bad things I am not caring anymore about your feelings about that sorry.)

Thursday 19.01.2012

School was okay tennis was awesome. Myrnah saw how I put underwear and socks in the washing machine and was screaming at me and said I can be happy that she is not smacking me now. If she is smacking me I am away but first I`ll hit her back! I took a shower, learned for bio and cooked with Tina.


Friday 20.01.2012

School is nice, because of the other exchange students. We sit together in the mornings and in the breaks and our South African friends are joining us. We finally found the German chick Alina. Stephi is super nice and Dominik and me are still good friends. Paul is sometimes joining us.  We have a lot of fun together and I never thought that school will be for me the best time of the day. But I feel well in school and actually happy to be there so early and leave so late. That’s the time were I can lough and don`t have to think about how to get food and I am not lonely then. I took my things for one weekend with me because I gonna stay in lance`s house for the weekend. We had to walk home because his parents left for the weekend. We ate something, swam in the pool and changed to scout clothes and walked to Amber`s house. Her mother was taking us to the scout hall. We had a nice evening at scouts. Laura and I went sleeping. (Laura is Lance´s 19 years old sister and very nice)


Saturday 21.01.2012

I had an awesome day! We went swimming with scouts and I made my first scout badge. We bought things to eat and cooked at home.


Sunday 22.01.2012

I made my homework in English with the help from Lynda, Lance`s and Laura`s mom. I skyped with Niklas. Malte broke up with me. (So NOOOO I am not cheating on him!!!!) We went swimming in their pool.


Monday 23.01.2012 – Friday 27.01.2012

I had a normal school week and you know how school is. I had 3 times tennis and Friday scouts. I went again to Lance after school on Friday for the weekend. It`s boring at home without Jodè and I am more and more lonely and go often hungry to bed. We had Athletics day on Friday in school it was fun. The German Chick Alina flew back to Germany she didn`t liked it here.


Saturday and Sunday 28-29.01.2012

We stood up very early on Saturday and went to the scout’s hall. We packed there all our stuff together and drove then to a lake. We had a camp there. It was awesome. We had to build our own boats and went rafting on the river. We had to stop at different points to answer questions or to do something for the leaders. All scouts from PE were there. We had a fire in the evening. We had some games on the next morning and went then back home. Lance told me that he felt in love with me and I was just confused. He told me he will stop smoking for me but he still had a girlfriend and I wasn`t too sure about my feelings.


Monday 30.01.2012- Thursday02.02.2012

Iris fetched me on Monday from school to talk with me she is our leader here. She told me strange stuff that mom told her about me. Iris said I have to behave better and fix it with my host family and she has no one else. She didn`t even wanted to know anything about Lance´s family. I had a nice school week with a lot of letter writing with Lance and tennis was also nice. I hope that you both Hannes and Aiyang had awesome birthdays. Branka, your letter arrived this week, thank you so much!


Friday 03.02-Sunday 05.02.2012

School was nice. Paco one of our YFU leaders picked me up. We had an orientation weekend with YFU but I was sick. In the time that we didn`t spend with talking about rules and goals and things like that I slept. The others had a lot of fun but I had headaches and things like that.


Monday 06.02- Friday 10.02.2012

I had a nice school week with a lot of letter writing between me and Lance. I still like tennis. I got this week a letters from my school, family, Katja, Andi and a packet from my grandparents. Thanks to you all. I went after school on Friday again to lance scouts was good.


Saturday and Sunday 11-12.02.2012

Lance stopped finally smoking and his girlfriend broke up and yeah I have feelings for him…

Mom and Tina picked me up on Saturday.

Tina, Mom, Ricky and I went to the Lion Park on Sunday. First it`s a normal game safari park where you drive trough but there are also lions in cages and other cats. In a separated one are only cubs, if you pay you can play with them. I did it. They were sleeping, but her I could scratch and cuddle some lions! We went swimming and braaiing afterwards. I had a lot of fun with my host family this day and decided to stay there the rest of my year, changing now is too late to settle in in a new family.


Monday 13.02. - Wednesday 15.02.2012

Lance and I are officially dating since Monday. My host family is not allowing me a boyfriend but I give a shit on that. You can`t stop love! This three schooldays were nice and the tennis on Monday and Wednesday also. Tuesday was Valentine’s Day and lance done a lot for me. I got a rose and a teddy dog, he made me lunch and bought me icecream and he played on the stage in front of the whole school something on his bass. School on Wednesday was also nice. Luisa I got your letter :)


CUT, CUT, CUT!!!!!




Everything until Wednesday night was still okay. I haven`t had a lot of food and yes I was often lonely but hey I had at least a family here and were allowed to do things after school, having sleepovers and visiting friend. Actually did my family compare to other host families a lot with me and we had sometimes fun together. I had 2 lovely caring sisters. But what happened in the night between Wednesday and Thursday is nothing that I wanted to have happen and nothing that is okay for anyone. I don`t really have the power to tell again what happened in this night but some of you know it already. Just that much my 29 year old host brother came in the night in my room and could stop him early enough. I didn`t sleep a minute in this night after what happened but I couldn`t scream and move.


Thursday 16.02.2012

I told Tina what happened and we both told it together mom. We cried all together. Mom brought me to school. It was my worst school day ever. I couldn`t concentrate and I couldn`t reach Iris. I could tell you a lot about my day but I try actually to forget about that all. Iris reached me in my tennis time. Mom and Tina picked me up and we went to iris. We had a talk and then we drove home. I packed ALL my things together and moved in with iris until we`ll find a new family.


Friday 17.02.2012

School was horrible. I still couldn`t really concentrate I was tired and had to think the whole time about what happened. But Lance, Stephi, Paul and Michelle helped me a lot. I slept a bit “at home” (I am actually homeless and that feels kak!)

(Kak is the Afrikaans word for shit)

Then I had to get ready for the valentine`s ball in our school. Lance picked me up and we had an awesome evening.


Saturday 18.02.2012

Happy birthday Branka!!

 We had a Matric breakfast in school. Iris brought me there. I went afterwards with to Lance. We had a nice day.


Sunday 19.02.2012

We went to church and then to the beach. We is iris her Husband, her son Keegan and her daughter Lesley. We had a nice time and it is not that bad to stay with iris than I thought. Sometimes she can be a real bitch.


Monday 20.02 –Thursday 23.02.2012

My school week was good. A bit boring and I am glad to have our letter conservations. Wednesday was thinking day so we scouts went in scout-uniform to school. Some of us PE students left on Thursday with the bus to Pretoria. We`ll spend 2 weeks in a township in Nelspruit.


Friday 24.02 – Saturday 25.02.2012

We came to Pretoria this afternoon. We went to the house from one YFU leader. We slept there over. I meet Gaby there. She is an YFU volunteer from Lettland or Litauen. She is Psychologist and she`ll give therapy in the township time. We left on Saturday and picked up all the other exchange students which want to go to the townships. We drove to our different townships.  I came to my school were my host showed me her home. We lived there alone. We visited her parents. They just stayed around the cornersome friends from her visited us. We ate something and went sleeping. We are sleeping in one bed. She is poor and her house is not that nice. No running water, toilet outside things like that.


Sunday 26.02 – Friday 09.03.2012


In einem Township zu leben ist nicht ganz leicht aber die Leute dort versuchen ihr bestes aus ihrem Leben dort etwas rauszuholen. Manchmal klappt das aber leider nicht so ganz also ertrinken sie ihre Sorgen in Alkohol. Die Häuser und Wasser bekommen sie von der Regierung gestellt. den Strom hat sich meine Familie geklaut. Ein Fernseher und ein Auto sind wichtiger als ein richtiges Dach oder eine gute Küche.

Nomcebo und ich sind jeden Morgen um 5 aufgestanden. Ihre erste Schulstunde startete um 6:30h. Schule war da noch mal ganz anders. Manchmal sind die Lehrer gar nicht erst erschienen und wenn haben die ganzen schönen Mist erzählt. New York ist zum Beispiel ein Land und New York City ist die Stadt. Wenn die Schüler nicht nach der Vorstellung der Lehrer arbeiten wird körperliche Gewalt angewendet. Entweder werden die Schüler mit einem Holzstück auf die Finger geschlagenoder die haut wird bis sie blau ist herum gedreht. Ich habe mich die meiste Zeit ziemlich gelangweilt in der Schule da Nomcebo ganz andere Fächer hat als ich. Ich war froh das Anais (Frankreich), Lieselotte (Deutschland), Noah(Schweiz) und Emma (Norwegen) auch an meiner Schule waren. Wir haben dann immer was zusammen gemacht und in den extra Klassen haben wir uns beim Kiosk was zu essen gekauft. Eigentlich waren wir nicht erlaubt alleine als reiche weiße in einer reinen armen schwarzen Bevölkerungsgegend herum zu laufen aber wir hatten einfach nichts zu tun. 

Außerdem hat auch Gaby in unserem Township gewohnt und die hat mir dann manchmal Therapie gegeben. Das hat mir echt geholfen.

Manchmal haben wir uns alle mit unseren Gastgeschwistern getroffen um zusammen was zu machen so was wie Kuchen backen und essen, kochen, Haarflechten oder einfach nur zu reden. Wir waren die Attraktion im Township. Es passiert nicht oft das weiße in ein Township kommen und dort leben. Jeder will mit dir befreundet sein und du bekommst ziemlich viele Heiratsanträge.

Wir hatten ein paar sprachliche Schwierigkeiten. Deren Englisch  war ziemlich schlecht und die Muttersprache war SiSwati. Das zu lernen ist nicht sehr leicht. Sie wollten wissen was Fenja in Englisch ist und das leichteste ist es, es als Peace zu übersetzen. Ein paar Tage haben die mich dann so genannt aber irgendwann war es dann Nokuthula. Das ist Friede und Ruhe in SiSwati.

Wir hatten auch am Samstag Schule. Am Sonntag hat mich meine Gastfamilie mit in ein Einkaufszentrum genommen. Anstatt dort zu shoppen mussten Nomcebo und ich auf ihre Babyschwester aufpassen. Ihre Eltern waren im Casino und haben mit dem wenigem Geld dort gespielt. Ihr Vater hat einen Job und ihre Stiefmutter  passt auf die Kinder auf. Es ist schwer zu unterscheiden wer Geschwister und wer Cousinen sind da in der schwarzen Kultur alles Geschwister sind. Manchmal haben ihre „Schwestern bei uns übernachtet. Das Essen war ganz okay. Man muss sich dran gewöhnen aber man stirbt nicht von. Eigentlich kann man sich an alles da gewöhnen aber ich war froh am Freitag nach 2 Wochen wieder in die Zivilisation zurück zu kehren. 

Wir sind am Freitag noch bis Pretoria gefahren. Dort haben wir dann wieder geschlafen.


Saturday 10.03.2012- Sunday 11.03.2012

We travelled back to PE and spent the whole Saturday and the night in a bus. We were arriving PE on Sunday morning. Iris picked me on Sunday up. 2 others came with to wait in iris home for their host parents. Iris told me I have to pack all my stuff because I`ll move to Lance and his family. I think I never packed so fast my stuff together. Iris drove me to my new home and I made myself comfortable. I am sharing a room with my new sister Laura. Did I tell you already about the family? Not okay listen:

Mother: Lynda

Father: Lawrence

Sister: Laura 19

Brothers: Lance (real name Lawrence) 17 and Ivan 16

Ivan is actually Lance´s best friend but he is staying with us.

2 dogs, a cat and 3 birds and yeah I think I told you already how awesome the house is in my last blog.


Monday 12.03.2012 – Sunday 18.03.2012

LINKSIDE has me back!!! Finally I missed PE so much I was so homesick the time in the township and now I am back!! I am HOME finally a HOME not homeless anymore!! It feels good!

My life is so much better now and school is fun. I don`t want to come back home. But yeah I know I have to. Lance and I are dating now for one month. We started with our term exams for the reports next week. So we had to study at home but we are having also fun. Tennis is starting next term again it´s over for this. Scouts were fun on Friday evening.

I cocked on Saturday and backed on Sunday. We were swimming in our pool. Friends from Laura came over. Lance and I went shopping on Sunday.


Monday 19.03- Friday 23.03.2012

 School was nice but hectic on Monday and Tuesday. We wrote tests. We had free on Wednesday and stayed at home on Thursday. We helped the cubs (Wölflinge) stuff on Wednesday. It was a lot of fun. I started feeling sick and knocked out. That’s why we stayed also Thursday at home. Lance, Lynda and me (Laura and Lawrence had to go to work and Ivan was visiting friends) slept long went out for breakfast and shopped a bit. Laura showed me how to bake cake in a microwave. It´s so strange and funny South Africans cook a lot in the microwave.

We went on Friday to school to fetch our reports. I haven`t got one and I am sad about that because I really done my best. We went home at 10. Lynda is always bringing and fetching us. There are no scouts tonight.


Saturday 24.03 – Sunday 25.03.2012

 AUTUMN HOLIDAYS!!!!! We stayed at home and were lazy. I started to write this blog but how you can see I didn´t wrote that much. Sorry but I am just not in the mood to write about so much so different things. My world is changing too quick and too often. But yeah, I try to keep my promise and write this blog for you. We just relaxed and played some games. But nothing really happened on this weekend.


Monday 26.03 – Tuesday 27.03.2012

Lance and I had to stand up very early on Monday. We had to be at 6:00h in school. The Biology club was meeting there for a camp. We drove with the school bus to the Sundays River and got the canoes there. I stepped in a bee before everything started. Lance and I sat in one canoe and we were the most time in front of the others. We saw a lot of animals, the most were birds. The nature was just beautiful. We were arrived our destination after 14½ KM or better 5 hours. We had to paddle against the current. We stayed in a little wooden house. We had one bed too less so we all put our matrasses outside all together and slept after a nice braai very early under the stars outside. We started to paddle back at 8:00h on Tuesday morning. We had wind and current this time with us and were back after 2½ hours. We drove tired but happy back to the school. Lynda picked us up and we bought food. I took a nice hot shower. The sun was shining but it was not very warm on the trip and we were wet. We ate and slept.

Wednesday 28.03 -Sunday01.04.2012

I baked pancakes on Wednesday. Lance showed me how to play Pokémon on the PC.  Lynda took me with in the kitchen and we cooked together.

We also stayed at home on Thursday. And because memories like to come back I´ll start taking therapy again. A pity is just that Gaby stays far away in Pretoria. Lance and I were watching ghost rider but both too tired to concentrate on the movie.

We started our Friday with watching ghost rider. This time I understood the movie and I like it. We ate breakfast. Lance and I went to an expo. It was fun but raining, like the most days now. Lynda picked us up and we fetched my packet from the post. Thanks family. I started reading the book from my Easter packet and it is awesome!! (Ruf der Tiefe)

We did nothing really on Saturday. I was reading my book or watching TV the most of the time.

2 friends from Laura and Lance came on Sunday and we went to the cinema and were watching a movie. It was nice.We went home and one of the friends stayed. I went swimming and read in the time the others played computer games. Yeah you know me it´s not my world the PC.


Monday 02.04 – Saturday 07.04.2012

Lynda took me and lance on Monday with to Greenacres. We ate breakfast and then I sent a packet to my family. Lance had to do some things for his mom and so we went around. Lance and I watched the great Gatsby for English.

Lance and I started the day with swimming. I had my first therapy here in PE and the women is very nice. I read more in my book.

On Wednesday came Lance grandparents. They came very early and took me and Lance with to the addo. The same national park, were we went for Gesine’s birthday in November. We saw a lot, also lions. They slept on the street and we could almost touch them. We ate there. I like his grandparents. We drove home, but it was just awesome. I love this game and national parks were you drive through with your car and watch the animals.

I had therapy on Thursday morning. We can walk there and Lance brought me and picked me up. It is still South Africa and even if it just a 10 minutes’ walk they would never let me walk alone. Then I got an Easter letter from Denmark. Hmmm who could that be?! Christine?! ...I watched German TV. It was nice to have worldwide news again South African news is just talking about South Africa. Lynda came home and Lance, Lynda and I were painting Easter eggs. Keegan (Iris´ son) came and now I am staying finally officially here. I wrote more for this blog.

Friday 06.04.2012

Yeah Eastern… but it´s like birthdays and Christmas not big. So no fires and things like that. Lynda, Laura, Lance and I drove to the grandparents. We changed in their car, it`s bigger, and drove to the Kragga Kamma Game Park. It is just a little one but it is in the city and as soon you are in there you can`t feel anything of the city. It was nice in there. We saw a lot, but no Rhinos. A giraffe was going over the front part from the car it was funny and strange in the same time. We saw no rhinos but it was a nice day. We drove back to the grandparents’ house. It is nice and big. We drank there something.  Lynda took us kids out for Lunch. It is nice to stay so close to the ocean you get everywhere good, nice and fresh fish.


Saturday 07.04.2012

So the only thing I done so far is after eating breakfast, writing this damn report. I gonna take a shower now and then, as soon I can use the computer with internet I´ll put this in for you. I hope you enjoyed the report.


So meine Lieben vieles ist passiert.Am Ende wohne ich jetzt doch bei Lance. Ihr müsst jetzt einfach das englisch verstehen aber vieles hatte ich euch ja auch schon bei Facebook, SchülerVZ, Skype, am Telefon oder in Briefen und schon erzählt. Mir geht’s ganz gut und noch will ich es nicht für wahr haben das ich bald wieder nach Deutschland komme.


Meine neue Adresse:

Fenja Hinrichs

10 Roosevelt Road


Port Elizabeth


South Africa


Freu mich schon auf Post.


Habt schöne Ostern

Eure Fenja

(Vielleicht sollte ich mich Lucie nennen lassen, dann würde ich perfekt in die „L“ Familie passen :) )

Zwischen schönen Tagen und wirren Gefühlen

Sonntag, 15.01.2012

Heyho, whats up?

I will just start to tell you about my days, so listen (okay read) carefully. ;)


Friday 06.01.2012

I got a packet from the best Godfather ever. Thanks Andi the book is great!

I wrote some letters and went to Cleary Park to send them and to buy the last things like school shirts and socks that I need for school. The book, I got, it just amazing and awesome. I read the first half today. So there was not much time to do other things. I organized my room new and ate with mum and Auntie Virginia. I watched gossip girl.


Saturday 07.01.2012

Jodé took me with to a rich house because her friend, my teacher, Karin had to house sitting this house. It was a nice house with pool and fitness room and everything that you want to have. We spend the most of the time in the pool eating icecream and enjoying the weather. I read more in the book but I felt a sleep in the sun. We watched TV. Karin gave her car to friends and they had problems to come home so Jodé and I had to sleep over in these nice big beds. Okay I got a kiddy bed but still it was a nice bed.


Sunday 08.01.2012

Karin´s friends came and Jodé and Karin brought them home. I used the pool and the fitness room. Oh, really I miss my bike, they had this training bike thingy you know this thing that can´t ride but it looks like a bike, it was boring but better than to ride never a bike here. I took a nice shower in a nice rich rainforest shower. Wow I just love this house. I had a nice icecream breakfast. I watched TV and waited long for the others to come back. They came. Jodé´s best friend Keegan and his uncle (same age like Keegan) came also with. We had a braai. The boys played X-box Karin had to work and Jodé drew some pictures, so I read the book finish. It is just an awesome book. We cleaned the house and drove home. I had only a little bit time to prepare my sleepover. I bought bread and cool drinks. Eileen came at first, then Katharina then Gesine. We talked a lot and had a lot of fun together.


Monday 09.01.2011

We went to Cleary Park, after we ate breakfast and tidied up my room. We spent the morning there and bought things for cooking. We ate an icecream and went back. We cooked together and had a lot of fun. Katharina`s family came and she had to leave. Eileen and Gesine stayed a little bit longer but they also left. I talked a lot with Tina and Jodé and felt very tired and happy a sleep.


Tuesday 10.01.2012

I woke up because I heard a cat crying. Lazlo had a little cat and he saved her life. He gave me the little scared cat and this cute animal slept immediately in my arms. One of Lazlo´s friends took the cat with her home to give her a good life. Lazlo wanted to keep the cat but Jodé has an allergy. I washed my and Tina´s stuff, cleaned my floor, packed my back for school, took a shower, ate something and watched gossip girl. Jodé and I were hungry and in the mood for cake so I made pancakes. Tina and Teresa came we all talked. Teresa has now one from Ricky´s cousins staying with her and she asked Tina for school stuff. Ricky came and fetches his things. I went early to bed.


Wednesday 11.01.2012

Thanks for the letter DLRG! ;)

My alarm went off at 6. So that means first school day in grade 12. We had the whole time in our new class room with our register class teacher organizations things. I tried to ménage something with my books and the whole day was hectic, but it was nice to have school again and to see everyone. We started the school year with a nice assembly. Dominik speaks again with me. We have a new exchange student from Austria in grade 10. Dominik and I helped her a little bit, I know how I felt on my first school day and was glad that Michelle and Tash were there but no one helped Stefanie. She is nice and was happy that Dominik and I helped her. So everything was just great and nice. I took the bus home. I watched gossip girl and cooked for Tina and me.


Thursday 12.01.2012

My school day was nice but also hectic. Dominik and I were running around the whole time just to clear the things with our books and the other stuff. Auntie madeleine told me that she is not going swimming after school. Not directly I have to come there on my own, and you know how big my transport problem is. It was so hot today! Gosh! I really wish I would fit in the freezer! ;) I took the bus home and watched gossip girl. I talked and ate with the others and watched TV with Jodé.


Friday 13.01.2012

New diary; new stories.

Thanks for the postcard Luisa! <3

My day was very nice. I bought me a locker in school together with Michelle. I went after school with to Lance. His mother fetched us from school. I talked a lot with his mother. She is very nice. She told me I can use their Internet because they have Wi-Fi. We brought Lance and his friends to the scouts earlier because they had something to do. His mum invited me in green acres for a milkshake. She asked me if I would like to sleep the weekends over because that is much easier to come to the scouts. I said yes. She wants to have me as her host daughter and I would change but I can´t do that. I don´t know, yes I am often alone and I have nothing to do, sometimes we have no food and things like that but I just love Tina and Jodé and they done already a lot and we are like sisters. Would I not have them I would change but, oh this decision is so hard to make. I will have there an easier and nicer life and I will have a real family, but yeah I just don´t know what to do!  HELP ME!!!!!

We fetched Lance sister Laura from her work. She is a friend from Jodé and that makes my decision not easier. We drove to the scouts. I had an awesome time there.  Jodé and Tina fetched me. I wanted to speak with mum but she was sleeping. You know I would change when I just see mum, she is always busy and when she has time then she has no money or is doing things with her friends. It is always so boring by her friends. I will spend the next weekends with Lance´s family and then I have to make a decision.


Saturday 14.01.2012

I washed my things and went with Jodé shopping. She still needs things for America. Did I tell you that? She is going to America for a moth. It will be so boring without her. I am so glad to spend the weekends with Lance and his family and with the scouts, with other friends and with YFU.  We went through different shopping malls. I was thinking the whole day about this changing thing. Everyone asked me what wrong is with me but I can’t tell them why. I have this strange look and why I am so quiet. Jodé and Tina cooked and I cleaned the kitchen. We watched a movie. I went to mum and spoke with her about my weekend plans.  She said yes but didn´t look happy  Ihr Pech soll sie mehr Zeit für mich haben manchmal bin ich so sauer auf sie und würde sie so gerne einfach nur anzicken aber das kann und darf ich nicht! Okay I don´t know why I changed the language here but Grrrrrr. Yes I was happy in this family but I am not anymore it feels like something is missing and I know what family life and time that they can spend with me and money. That is the next thing I told her that I would like to visit a friend, Michelle, and that she invited me for Sunday. Mum said yes but today she told me that she is totally broke, that she has no money anymore and that she can´t bring me. Michelle’s mum can only fetch or bring me so there is missing one way. I really hate the traffic here and I don´t know what to do. I am just glad that mum said yes to my weekend plans. I went in my room and was just thinking about staying and changing. I mean it is my year and I have to make the best out of it and to be happy. But I am person who is not only thinking about herself I am not a selfish I think a lot about my family and if I am hurting them if I will leave. I felt a sleep.


Sunday 15.01.2012

1123200 seconds

235440 minutes

3924 hours

164 days

23 ½ weeks

5 1/3 months

Half exchange year

IS OVER, but still there (behind me, and still in front)

(Haha Tanita, Katja I told you that I will never tell you when I will be back in Hamburg but now you just have to take your calculators and you will know it ;)  and again I will be there until the first of July)

 This is a very lazy day. I just sat in my bed watched gossip girl finish and wrote this all for you. Maybe I will go later to church with Jodé but I think I am gonna stay here.


Hey meine Lieben, ich hatte einige schöne letzten Ferien Tage. Am Freitag hebe ich einen Freund besucht und seine Mutter hat  mir angebotene bei ihnen einzuziehen ich würde gerne weiß aber nicht wie ich das mit meiner jetzigen Familie machen soll. Meine erste Hälfte ist heute vorbei und ich hoffe, dass die zweite besser wird. Ich habe mir viel vorgenommen.


Haltet die Ohren steif ist ja nicht mehr lange ohne mich



Zwischen Feiertagen mal ganz anders und herum Reisen

Donnerstag, 05.01.2012

Happy new year an all the best!

It is now a long time ago that I didn´t wrote for you and now you will have a lot to read.


Thursday 22.12.2011

Thanks for the letter Uta and thanks Tanita for your Christmas card. ;)

I had an AWESOME day. Really it was just great, I will never ever forget this day with Tash! She is a girl from my school. She is a black Xhosa (when you can´t make the “klick” than pronounce it Kosa) Mum brought me in the morning to her house. Tash´s family is very nice. We talked and eat a lot. We both visited some of her family members in a township after lunchtime.  Her cousin will celebrate his circumcision tomorrow so we both helped to prepare the celebration. We both made traditional African beer. (See the picture by Facebook) Her family let me dive very deep in the culture and answered all my questions, doesn´t matter how privately they were sometimes. The beer has a very special taste but it is not that bad. ;) We drove back to her home and we met some friend from her. Mum was picking me up late and I made the washing from Tina and me at home. I was so tired but happy I smiled the whole rest of the day. I had still some internet free so I chatted with some of you. It was just a nice day!


Friday 23.12.2011

Thanks Tanita for the letter!

I packed my stuff for our Christmas vacations in Dordrecht. Jodé came to sit in my room and we talked a lot. We left the house with Mum at 15:40h. We drove 5 ½ hours. We stay here with very nice family members. Mum, Jodé, I and Mickey (Jodé´s great cousin) slept in one bed. It was for two persons.


Saturday 24.12.2011

Merry Christmas!

I had a horrible night.

I have still no Christmas feelings. It felt so wired that today is nothing special. Mum, Mickey, Dimitri (Mickey’s sister) and I went to the shops. Mum bought me a dress for Christmas we walked around it was nice. We watched a movie back in the house and I slept for 2 hours afterwards. This night only I and Jodé are sleeping in the bed. Mum and Mickey are sleeping on the sofa.

Sunday 25.12.2011

Geseende Kersfees!

Yeah… presents at 6 in the morning! Uh I got nice things.

I got:

  • ·         A diary in a nice box
  • ·         2 little towels
  • ·         And a candle glass from Mum



  • ·         Shampoo and co. from Mickeys family


  • ·         A pencil case with stationary
  • ·         Candies
  • ·          And a very nice and creative diary from Jodé


  • ·         Make-up from Tina


I hope that Santa Claus brought you also nice things ;)

We had a very small and little plastic not pretty tree and no Christmas decoration. We ate a nice breakfast I needed a lot of coffee just to keep my eyes open. I asked when we will leave for church because it was getting late. They looked very surprised because they never go to church on Christmas. I really tried to understand this but seriously I can´t. They nearly go every Sunday to church; they pray when they wake up, eat, walk, travel, study, write tests and go to bed. Religion is a big part of their life and so I really can`t understand why Christmas is not important and why they normally don`t go to church. But they found a church for me and we left the house too late and so we had 15 minutes a very boring Afrikaans service. After church came some friends to say merry Christmas. Jodé and I helped cooking. We had nice weather and I spend Christmas in my bikini, but seriously a cold and maybe snowy Christmas is much nicer than this Christmas. I like the German Christmas more but it was a nice experience. Jodé and I got some free time and we walked with Mickey around. The village Dordrecht is very nice and quiet. Jodé and I were so tired we talked a little bit then we ate. The late lunch was very nice and delicious it was a lot and we all were extremely full. I slept afterwards outside in the garden. (Without freezing and getting wet from rain or snow ;)) Mickey, Jodé and I watched a movie and sat in the kitchen. We had a nice talk and a lekker midnight snack. We slept afterwards.


Monday 26.12.2011

We left Dordrecht around 11 and drove to Queenstown. We visited family members in different houses. I am so confused and I don`t want to confuse you now let’s just say I met many people and had to kiss a lot. Oh that is normally in the Afrikaans culture you have to kiss everyone and each on the mouth when you come and leave. I don´t really like it and I try to keep it with hand shaking or hugging but some are very fast and that means I kissed people I never knew before and I will maybe never see again. I saw Ziva again. The first words I heard from her mother was: Ziva your mum is here. (Ziva is the cousin where they thought I am her mother) She was so happy to see me she is just cute. We spend the rest of the day in our car, driving back to Port Elizabeth. The last part was horrible it was a big storm and we were up in the mountains I think it was good that we had a lot of luggage so we couldn´t fly away ;)


 Tuesday 27.12.2011

Tina and I made a nice breakfast. I washed the things from mum, Tina and me. Don´t ask me why I am doing it, but I don`t have other things to do so yeah. Jodé, Tina, mum and I went to Clary Park to buy food and clothes for Jodé, but nothing was really open because today is a boxingday. Okay I have to explain that: when a holiday is on a Sunday then you will have the Monday free but this time was Sunday and Monday a holiday so we got Tuesday also free because of Sunday. Do you understand what I mean? I found a nice T-Shirt and a nice Jeans. We met Ferdi and Auntie Virginia. Mum and Auntie Virginia went to mum´s brother. Ferdi, Jodé, Tina and I visited Teresa. Auntie Virginia and Ferdi came with to us. Jodé, Ferdi and I baked a cake. And I made Bratkartoffeln for Ferdi and me Jodé doesn´t like it that much.


Wednesday 28.12.2011

I got a letter from my family. Thanks a lot ;)

I packed my things for Johannesburg (Joburg) I sat a little bit with Jodé. Teresa her dog pepper and Auntie Ousa came. Mum, I and they (not Jodé) left the house at 5 p.m. in a very full car. (We have a very small car) We drove first to other family members to eat there. I slept the night in the car. It is very far to Joburg.


Thursday 29.12.2011

We arrived the house from Haidee and Joshua at 7a.m. Haidee is Myrnahs oldest daughter and Joshua is her 7 years old son. She has a very small house. Haidee left for work and her housekeeper stayed with us. We drove to some friends from Auntie Ousa. They took us with in a very nice Chinese mall. There were nice and cheap things but I didn´t wanted to spend money. Mum was cooking back at home. I was the whole day freaking tired. I started to write some letters. (I had no time to write all there are still missing some but I want to write them until my last holiday day what will be the 10.01.) I talked a lot with Haidee. Mum, Teresa and Auntie Ousa went out. I felt a sleep. Haidee woke me up so that I can take a shower and go sleep.


Friday 30.12.2011

Mum, Teresa, Auntie Ousa and Josh drove to Pretoria to visit some Auntie. I don´t like to sit in Aunties houses. I always have to sit there and to be nice and eat and drink everything and don`t interrupt someone and I think you get what I mean. So I stayed at home with the housekeeper and talked to her and wrote letters. Haidee came back from her work very early and we drove to shopping malls. She asked me if I have my driver license with me. I said that I don´t have one. She started to laugh and said that she also don´t have one. That is not funny! But she has her learners so she knows how to drive a car. We were in 2 different malls. Both were nice. She invited me for cake and juice. We watched Gossip girl back at home and she cooked nice for us. (Gossip Girl is a very nice series and I copied me Gossip Girl ;)) We both had a nice day and I like my sister very much.


 Saturday 31.12.2011

Haidee and I slept long; we ate a nice breakfast and watched more gossip girl. I washed my things in her washing machine. I asked her if she has soap for washing my underwear with my hands and she started to laugh. She took the things out of my hands and put it with in the washing machine. She also hates it to wash things with her hands. I told you I love her! The others came back. We drove to a shopping mall where a big Nelson Mandela stature is. We took pictures. The ladies dressed up for the night. Haidee and me couldn´t understand that. They didn´t tell us anything and Haidee and me were invited to a big party. So we both had to stay again the night at home alone. Haidee was very upset. Josh went to sleep. Haidee and me watched gossip girl and talked. She didn´t even had champagne (they call sparkling wine here also champagne) because she thought we both will go to the party and mum will be with Joshua. Mum never told Haidee that she is bringing friends. Haidee was so angry and I can understand that very well.

Sunday 01.01.2012


I stayed awake until one to have also your Silvester time and then we went to bed.

We all drove together to Pretoria to some family members with a big garden and pool. We spent there our day. It was nice and warm. I think there is nothing more to say. ;) We packed our things in Haidee´s house and waited until midnight to leave.


Monday 02.01.2011

13 Months I just love you! <3

Thanks for the postcards/Christmas cards Luisa and Christine

Today is also a boxingday. I think you understand now what I meant. Sunday was a holiday so today (Monday) is free. We sat the whole day in the car and drove back to P.E. I tried to sleep but after the sun rose at 6 it was getting very hot. We have no air condition in our car.  

I went after reading my postcards and taking a shower to bed.


Tuesday 03.01.2012

Today was Ricky’s birthday. Now he is 8. Tina and I did our laundry. Some friends from Tina and their kids picked us up and we drove to 3 different swimming pools only the last one was open. We were 9 people in a car for 4 maybe 5 people. That is so normally here. I think when I will not die in this traffic then I never will die in any traffic. We spent a nice time in the swimming pool. We drove back to our house and Le-Rique got his cake. I played a little bit with the kids. Jodé, Tina and I cooked after Ricky and his guests left.

I watched TV with Jodé and washed the dishes.


Wednesday 04.01.2012

I slept very long.

I watched gossip girl and ironed my things. I started to write this for you but Jodé asked me if I want to bring her together with mum to the bus. She left for Capetown to get her visa for America. Yes my South African hostsister is going to America. But just for a moth. She will study there. Her university is paying everything for 4 students.  So I brought her to the bus. My family phoned me when I was back at home. It was very nice to speak with you and that I could “auskotzen” me ;)


Thursday 05.01.2012

I slept again long. I wrote this here finish, I tidied up my room and I watched gossip girl. Now I will write the German part and then I will put it in. ;)


So meine Lieben jetzt noch mal das Ganze in Deutsch. Ich hatte mich mit einer Freundin getroffen. Sie ist eine Xhosa (Kosa) schwarze und hat mich ziemlich tief in ihrer Kultur tauchen lassen. Mein Weihnachten, Silvester und Neujahr war ganz anders und ich mag das deutsche mehr. Ich bin viel rumgekommen und habe einen Teil der Familie kennen gelernt. Jodé sagt das ist nur ein kleiner Teil aber den finde ich schon groß und dieser Teil verwirrt mich genug. Achso Frohes Neues Jahr wünsche ich euch. ;)


In Liebe Eure


Zwischen Langeweile und Sommerferien genießen

Mittwoch, 21.12.2011


First off all, I am reading a really good book, “the racist´s guide to the people of South Africa” and I am now done with the chapter “Black`s”. I just have to quote the next sentences because it is so funny. :) 

“All Black guys would give their left foot to have a White girlfriend. But despite being so well dressed, getting a White girlfriend is very tough for a Black man in South Africa. Unfortunately, the majority of White girls don´t find Black men attractive. On the odd occasion a Black man will land a White girlfriend, but that usually only happens to coconuts because the White girls would date a Black guy would only do so if he doesn’t speak with the Black accent. Also, he has to have money because White girls don’t want to go to township and eat mielie pap in a shack when visiting the Black man´s parents.

The other option Black men have if they want to land a White chick is to go to Germany. German women go berserk for Black men because they are known for having big feet and German women love men with big feet.”   

Haha, I am lying again laughing on my floor.

But that’s not all there is more about German´s in an own chapter. That chapter is about the “miscellaneous”. In there: “[...] since then, Dutch and German people have consistently filtered into the country and settled here. These later immigrants have generally succeeded in keeping themselves from becoming Afrikaners, holding on to much of their own traditions. […] and the Germans still drink lots of beer and eat pigs in every conceivable form. […] Overall the Dutch and the Germans are very agreeable people, except that they wear socks with sandals in public places, which upsets many people. […] Meanwhile, some Germans who´ve recently made bucket-loads of money in a very short time move to Cape Town because it`s cheaper than being in prison in Germany.”


Secondly: I WANT TO GET POST!!!!!! Are you lazy or is the post too stupid to bring me my letters?


Thirdly: my blog report will start now ;)


Wednesday 14.12.2011

After I ate lekker pancakes to breakfast I went to Cleary Park to bring your Christmas post to the office. I am not too lazy to write you!! Tina told me she would like to get a big teddy from me to Christmas so I bought her one and walked with it in Cleary Park around and the whole way home. All the kids there were running after me. ;) So cute! I tided up my room. Mum took me with to a youth orchestra concert in the evening that was nice.


Thursday 15.12.2011

I enjoyed the sun today. ;) Summer-holidays are very lekker!  Tina and her cousin Teresa took me with to a party from their church in the evening. It was okay but very empty and the music was not that cool.


Friday 16.12.2011

Today is the day of reconciliation which is a public holiday so mum and Tina had free today. Mum brought me and Tina to a pool where we met some of Tina´s friends. We had a nice time there, but it was really very full and everyone was jumping in the water without looking around them. *Kopfschüttel* it was a Black and Coloureds pool and lots of kids were touching me. Tina told me that some of them never were that close to a Whit person especially not in a pool. We left and went for lunch to one of the house from one friend. Mum fetched us and, after we changed or clothes, we went to the beach for the season opening. That was nice it was a lekker warm evening and nice music. We walked a little bit around. I met Jodè and stayed then with her and Karin Thiart. At 20:30 (it is early dark here) started a very nice firework.


Saturday 17.12.2011

Mum and I fetched Tina from her work and we all packed our stuff at home for a night in Humansdorp. Teresa came with her dog pepper and we all left the house. (Jodé stayed at home)  We drove to Jeffreys-Bay and went shopping there. Then we drove to the beach. Tina and I went on a slight which is going in a pool. I was swimming in the ocean afterwards. But it was boring alone. So we drove to Humansdorp to Auntie Virginia. She is the aunt from Tina, Teresa and Teresa`s brother Ferdi. We cooked and talked a lot there. They talked the most time Afrikaans. Ek verstaan Afrikaans but Ek praat nie Afrikaans nie. So I answered in English. I helped Auntie Virginia with the Koeksisters. (I promise I will do them for you when I am back in Germany they are soooooooo lekker!)  


Sunday 18.12.2011

We had to stand up early because we wanted to go to the new church from Auntie Virginia. Today was the opening function. It was okay but really full and catholic again. We ate there our lunch. Ferdi, Teresa and Patrick (he is the son from Auntie Virginia) ask me if I want to come with them to a beach in Jeffreys-Bay. So we went all together to the beach. Some of their friends came with us. It was nice; I talked a lot with Teresa. Back in the house from Auntie Virginia we packed our stuff and left. I slept in the car but the others told me there was a thunder storm. I ate with Jodé together and watched with her TV.



Monday 19.12.2011

My day was okay. I washed stuff, washed the dishes and watched a movie, read in my very cool book ;) and I started to write this here for you. My Grandparents phoned me and I had a nice talk with them. After that I ate and talked with mum.


Tuesday 20.12.2011

I slept long and watched a movie afterwards. Some family members came and I went with mum, my host aunt and my cousin to spar. Oh Ziva is so cute, she is three and cute. She wanted that I carry her in spar so I took her on my arm. She screamed through the whole shop that she had to pee. That sounded like “Mommy, I want to pee!!!” but her mum wasn`t listening so I ask if she can use the toilet. The uncle there thought that I am the mum. ;) Okay it is not that funny when you see how many girls are also mothers. Yes okay they think here often that I am much older than I am actually. But no I am years too young for a child and I don´t want to adjust in this fact to my host country. But Ziva is a very cute and pretty little girl and I spent my evening with her. We drew pictures and played a lot. I miss little kids around me and kids like Le Rique don’t really have toys and this is a country without Playmobil. Sarah, please tell me how I shall survive it a year without Playmobil! I definitely know what we both gonna do when I am back… we have to play with Playmobil, please! ;)


Wednesday 21.12.2011

I went together with Eileen to green acres. We both have not that much money anymore and we had to keep us away from buying nice and cheap clothes. We bought the last Christmas presents and things like shampoo and sunblock. Gosh how can things like sunblock be that expensive in a country where the sun is shining that much? One bottle 200ml and 30-50 “Lichtschutzfaktor” costs around 10€ and it is empty very fast!! Okay I will survive this fact, I have to, because I don’t want to burn again that painful like the last time. Eileen and I went to the movies. We watched twilight. Thank you Cindy for telling me what happened in these books and that I had to listen with you to the CD so I knew a little bit about what is happening there. ;) I think, when I have money, I will buy me the books. ;)

Now I am sitting here again, writing for you and will come online just now. ;)

Meine lieben nur deutsch sprechenden Blog Fans. Meine Letzten 8 Tage waren gar nicht so spannend. Ich war mit Mum und Tina bei einer Tante zu Besuch und habe generell viel mit Tina gemacht. Heute (Mittwoch) war ich mit Eileen im Kino. Morgen werde ich eine Freundin besuchen und am Freitag fahren wir dann über Weihnachten in die alte Heimatstadt von Mum. Über Neujahr werde ich in Johannesburg sein. Den nächsten Blogeintrag bekommt ihr somit erst nächstes Jahr wieder.

Bis dahin wünsche ich euch eine super mega tolle Weihnachtszeit, gaaaaaaaanz viele Geschenke und natürlich alles was auf der Wunschliste stand, etwas Schnee und eine tolle Zeit der Liebe und Fröhlichkeit. Außerdem wünsche ich euch allen ein guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und möge alles klappen was ihr euch vornimmt.

Ich soll das gleiche euch auch von meiner Gastfamilie wünschen und dazu noch Gottessegen.


Also bis nächstes Jahr

Eure wieder ziemlich Glückliche und Genießende Fenja


Love You <3   

Zwischen Heimweh und Fernsucht

Dienstag, 13.12.2011

 Dear my lovely Family and Friends,

First off all I miss you, like I never missed you before it is Christmas time and that is not the same here, but the life goes on. (It has to)


Wednesday 23.11.2011

Thanks for your letter Sarah. <3

My day was nice. I wrote my second biology exam and it was actually okay. This was my last exam and school day this year. Now I have SUMMERHOLIDAYS!! ;) And I am finish with grade 11. I really have to say that this was a fast school year. Mum fetched me and brought me to the taxis so that I can go home and pack my things. I washed my last stuff and packed my things for the Cape tour. Then I sat and wrote some letters. Luisa I am so sorry I really forgot to answer. -.- But now where I have cooked. Tina mum and me ate together. Both brought me to Eileen. We both watched with her family TV and talked later in her room.


Thursday 24.11.2011

Eileen’s mum woke us up very early because she had to leave for work. She wished us, like my mum yesterday, a nice, save and amazing trip. We slept again. After breakfast we went to spar to buy stuff like chips (in South Africa is chips both, chips and the “German” chips) and cool drinks for the tour. At three came her dad to bring us to the willows. (That is the place where I was on my Orientation with YFU the first days.) We P.E. students had there a nice time, until at 20:30h the others from the other cities arrived. We sat a long time together in the dining hall, but the others were so tired because they had now the same bus trip behind them like us in the first day.


Friday 25.11.2011

We drove all together with our bus to the boardwalk after breakfast. This is a place with casinos and things like that, opposite the beach. We went to the beach. Everyone was in the water. It was a nice day. But I got very strong sunburn. My whole back was hurting and red.

Back at the willows we had free time. I spoke with a lot of the others.

In the evening we went to a nice restaurant, to eat there our dinner.


Saturday 26.11.2011

We drove to Jeffry’s Bay (J-bay), but first we ate breakfast at the green acres. In J-bay are a lot of factory and outlet shops from brands like billabong, element, rip cruel, Roxy and many more. I went through the shops with two other German exchange students, Lara and Ellen.  We three didn`t really like the things and bought all not that much like others did. After that we had time at the beach. We drove to Tsitsikama, but first we stopped at a mall. Lara and I bought “aftersun” for our burned skin. We were in our house in Tsitsikama at 18h. It was a very nice house, with a forest around it and cows and a little river. I really didn´t realized that I miss that all that much. We played games after dinner and went late to bed


Sunday 27.11.2011

No one could belief that today is the first Sunday of advent, it fells really not like Christmas here.

We drove to a forest after an early breakfast. In that forest is a tree which is older than 1000 years. On our way back to the house we stopped at the highest bungee jumping bridge from the world. But it was raining cats and dogs, so no one was jumping.

Back in our house, we had to work in groups. We had to make a play with the theme that is South Africa for me so far. We decided us to “be” a taxi. ;) We waited to going zip lining but the rain was too strong. So we played games and watched our plays. We had to put our things together and to go early to bed.


Monday 28.11.2011

Today was the weather much nicer so we went zip lining. That is really cool. You have to hang on a line and then, with nothing than a river under you, you “drive” from one place to the other one. The Lines was +- 48 meters high and between 11 and 211 meters long. Yej, I was so brave and done it, and it was awesome! After that we went in the Tsitsikama national park to hike there. The ranger told us that it is 30 minutes through the forest and then we can swim in a mountain lake. So everyone was for that prepared, but actually it was 80 minutes climbing over stones in the sun. We all were so hungry and thirsty after two times 80 minutes climbing and 30 minutes swimming. After we ate lunch in the park we drove to our next house. We ate there dinner and talked a lot.


Tuesday 29.11.2011

We left our stay-over and drove to waterfront. We went shopping there and eat our lunch. Then we drove another four hours to come to Outshorn. We had there a very nice stay-over.


Wednesday 30.11.2011

We were in the Cango caves that is a “Tropfsteinhöle” after that we went to an ostrich farm. I had a baby ostrich in my arms and I fed an ostrich. Others were riding on the ostriches, but I was scared and I had the baby on my arm before, what not everyone did. On our way back to the backpackers- paradise we stopped at a European chocolate factory. Back in my room I wanted to charge my camera, but it doesn’t work. -.-


Thursday 01.12.2011

Where is my advent calendar?

Today was Kathi´s 16th birthday. We sat nearly the whole day in the bus, but we stopped at a mountain lake. I went swimming there. It was soooooo cold! Our next stay-over is the Karoo national park. We went with a ranger a little bit around and to a museum. After a nice dinner Ellen, Paul, Noah, Nils and me went night swimming. That was lekker!


Friday 02.12.2011

ONE YEAR! <3 Schatz ich liebe dich!

I stand up at five to join a game drive. We saw some animals but nothing new. We spend the rest of the day in the bus. We are now in CAPE TOWN!!!!

After dinner we all went swimming in the pool from the school hostel where we live now.

I was alone in the pool at the end. Over me were the stars and I could see the table mountain perfectly.

I like night swimming. ;)


Saturday 03.12.2011

We drove to cape point and to the Cape of Good Hope. The cape of the Good Hope is the most south-west point from Africa. Back in the school hostel we went swimming and washed our stuff. We went ice skating. That was a little bit strange, because it was warm outside and we were skating in T-shirt. The ice was more water, but it was just fun there. It was full and a little bit hectic but lekker! The night turned to day there. We were back in the hostel around 1 in the morning.


Sunday 04.12.2011

Second Sunday of advent without any candles.

 I went with Ellen swimming before breakfast. After breakfast we drove to a beach and drove with a boat to seal island. We saw a lot of seals and dolphins. We went to Table Mountain in the evening. This mountain and the view are amazing. Did is baie pragtag. ;)


Monday 05.12.2011

We drove to the city. I was in the aquarium and at Robben Island. I saw the cell from Nelson Mandela. Both were very nice and I had a lot of fun. We went ten pin bowling after dinner. I was so bad, but it was a lot of fun.


Tuesday 06.12.2011

No Nikolaus. :`(     And three birthdays.

But I was surfing!!!!!! Oh boy, I`ll tell you surfing is so awesome and amazing!! I will do it again. I never really stand, I got a lot of big blue marks and I hurt my toe, but it was fun!!! We all were a little bit scared because it is a shark bay, but we had coaches and today were there no sharks. Boy, surfing is lekker!! And I love the Atlantic, more than the Indian Ocean. After that we drove to a penguin viewing point. They are so cute, I want to have one. Maaaamaaa pleaaasee can I have one? … Or two? ;)

We walked to a Christmas Cape Town. Everywhere were lights and decoration.


Wednesday 07.12.2011

We were shopping, but I bought nothing. After that we were in a fun park like “Heidepark” just very boring. I didn´t pay for the rides, you know me I hate things like that, so I just walked through the Park with Kathi and Gesine.

We had a free evening today, and that was good. Everyone was tired and after we talked a lot we went to bed.


Thursday 08.12.2011

We were in the morning at a South African market. Oh man, it was nice and very African there. ;) After that we drove to Stellenbosch and went around there. After that we drove to a strawberry and wine farm. The strawberries were very nice. After that we were at the beach. The water was nice, but it was very windy so the sand was flying around. Back at home we had to pack our stuff. After that we had our Christmas party with “Joulklub” and cake. We talked and talked and talked. No one wanted that the night will find an end. I went to bed at 1:30 like the most, and we had to stand up at 4.


Friday 09.12.2011

Yeah, we stand up at 4. Our bus was leaving at 5. They brought us P.E. and George students to the inter cape bus. We sat the whole day in the bus 13 hours. Eileen’s family brought me home. After a talk about the journey I went to sleep.


Saturday 10.12.2011

Gosh, I was a long time not homesick like that. I phoned with Mama. I was alone the whole day and I felt so lonely. I washed my stuff. Jodè brought me to Chandra`s 18th birthday. That was very nice. It was a costume party and someone came as Hitler. :S  

Actually the boy was nice, and the others were very interested why it is not nice as a German to see something like that. 


Sunday 11.12.2011

I was with Tina in her church. It was very nice. Yes it is a catholic church but they have advents candles. Now I feel more like Christmas. It is not easy to be in the Christmas time without you. After that Mum, Ricky, Tina and I went to green acres. It is funny to hear Christmas songs in English that we have also in German. Back at home I played with Ricky play station and cooked and talked with Tina. I am really glad that she is here. After that we watched TV and ate.


Monday 12.12.2011

I cleaned the kitchen, washed my stuff, was ironing my stuff, started to write that here and waited for the others. Jodè woke up (she has nightshifts as a nurse so she is sleeping in the days) and gave me her hamster because his nose was bleeding and he was not really moving. So I was a hamster sitter the rest of the evening. Tina and I talked a lot in the evening and we ate ice cream.


Tuesday 13.12.2011

I washed Tina`s stuff and went then to Cleary Park. I bought the first presents. Back at home I packed the presents and wrote Christmas cards for you, I`ll send them tomorrow. Now I am sitting here again to write for you. I will go now and eat with Tina and she has to help me with my internet, but after that I will put this report in my blog. ;)



 So jetzt noch mal in Deutsch: ich hatte zwei wunderschöne Wochen mit YFU. Ich habe viel gesehen und viel erlebt. Die Weihnachtszeit ohne euch ist ziemlich hart doch wie Pohlmann so schön sagt / singt:

„Zwischen Heimweh und Fernsucht steht mir der Sinn

Den Kopf zwischen zwei Wolken gespannt

Zwischen Heimweh und Fernsucht steht mir der Sinn

Den Kopf zwischen zwei Wolken gespannt“


Hab Euch alle ganz dolle lieb, vermisse Euch. Habt eine schöne Weihnachtszeit und wenn wir nichts mehr hören voneinander was ich nicht hoffe kommt gut rüber ins neue Jahr.

Eure Fenja

Zwischen Sleepovers und netten Schwestertagen

Dienstag, 22.11.2011


This is the 10th blog report that I write for you, and I have totally the feeling that no one is reading it anymore. Okay no one is wrong, but yeah…


Friday 11.11.2011


Eileen came too late, but we both was very early awake because she was supposed to come much earlier but her father lives definitely in the South African time. ;) We both went to Cleary Park to buy a present for Gesine. But we bought much more than only a present. Mama I think you are right with my short versions of my free days. We bought Gesine a pyjamas, don’t lough! We are the YFU- sleepover- club. We wrote her something on her pyjamas and wait for her sister Alia; she is also an YFU-leader. Alia also run late. We picked up Katharina and drove to a vacation reservation. It was a very nice place. Now, where my first 100 days are over I feel really settled in. We surprised Gesine; she doesn’t know that we are coming.  We spend a nice evening at this place and went night swimming in the pool. That was so funny and cold. We slept with three persons in a little double bed that was funny and very hot.


Saturday 12.11.2011

After a nice breakfast, morning swimming and canoeing on the river we drove to the “addo- elephant-national-park”. Gesine’s hostparents paid for everything. They are so rich!!! So and now I will make you jealous! ;) MUHAHAHAHAHA… I saw:

  • ·         ELEPHATS (part of the big five)
  • ·         ZEBRAS
  • ·         BUFFALOS (part of the big five)
  • ·         KUDUS
  • ·         RHINOS      (part of the big five)
  • ·         HARTEBESTS
  • ·         MONKEYS
  • ·         WARTHOGS
  • ·         TORTOISES
  • ·         A lots of birds and insects

This day was more than amazing and nice there. We drove slowly with the car through the park. More than one time we had to stop for the animals, because they wanted to cross the street. The name “addo-ELEPHANT-national-park” is the right name, we saw so many elephants. One time one came very close to our car, I was a little bit scared, because it happened before that an elephant pushed a car, but nothing happened. We had a nice lunch in the park. At 6:30 p.m. the park is closing so we had to leave. Back at our place we ate cake and celebrate 4 hours to early Gesine´s birthday, because the other friends had to leave then. I think she like the pyjamas and that she had a nice early birthday. After the other family left we had a traditional South African braai. (For them who is not reading my blog ever time or forgot what a braai is, a braai is kind of a Bar-B-Q)

I think we have to give us a new name, because SLEEPover is not working anymore. Maybe we have to call us stay-awake club or something like that. ;)


Sunday 13.11.2011

We went this morning around three to bed and stand up around nine. We had to celebrate Gesine´s birthday between midnight and three! Now she is 17. We girls went for a nice walk on the holiday farm. At 11:30h we leaved for the YFU family day. On this function we met our families again. The day was nice; we had a braai in rain. ;) It was a nice and funny day. If we were at home I went very early to bed.


Monday 14.11.2011

I wrote sciences today, it was okay. Jodè fetched me and we both drove home. I watched “teenwolf” it is a series from MTV do you have it Germany? It is good.

Jodè, Tina and me fetched a washing machine from auntie Madz, after that we went for an ice-cream in mc Donald’s. Our car stopped in the middle of a crossroad from one of the main streets of P.E. something is wrong with it, but no one can find the mistake. Now we have a washing machine! ;) In the evening I had a nice talk with my Oma and Opa.  Eileen came for a sleepover. Ha-ha, one night without her is one night to much! ;) We had a nice evening.


Tuesday 15.11.2011

Mum dropped Eileen and me at the Greenacres shopping mall. There we met Dominik. We went to eat breakfast, and after a time Sophie phoned us that she is outside now, so we fetched her. We was in the Greenacres before any shop was open and we leaved when the first ones was closing again. Oh it was a funny day. We went a little bit shopping, but no one of us bought really something. We ate here and there. I think that the people must thing we never get something to eat. ;) We went in the cinema there. In time is a nice movie. We was in the thinking if we maybe spend the night there to watch at midnight breaking dawn, but that never gone a work with South African parents. -.- Eileen´s father fetched her and me. We spend the rest of the evening in her house and waited for mum and made the present for Kathi, she has birthday on the cape tour it is a pillow where we wrote the same thing on like on the pyjamas from Gesine. Mum  wasn’t coming because she had to work long, so I slept over in her house. ;) Ah, of course we had FREE today. ;)


Wednesday 16.11.2011

I spend a nice FREE day with Eileen.

We watched a movie and talked a lot.

Mum fetched me and I watched “teenwolf” finish at home.


Thursday 17.11.2011

I had a very lazy FREE day. The washing machine is still not on the right place. Mum left for a long weekend trip with her best friend on a ship. So we have “Sturmfreie Bude” ;) I slept long and talked a lot with Jodè.


Friday 18.11.2011

My day was very nice. I slept long. Jodé and I went to school, I had to write life sciences (biology) and to ask if I can miss the last English exam, because I am away then. I can miss it. Bio was okay, better than I thought it would be. Jodé is a friend with the most teachers at my school, also with my very nice maths teacher Mrs. Roulstone. Mrs. Roulstone asked me if I can imagine being a prefect. That are persons that helps the teachers, watch that everyone is working like the rules telling you and help with the communication between teachers and pupils. I said yes, now she has to ask Mr. Hay, who is the director of the school, but like you know he likes me and is my dad so I think he will not say no. I hope so. ;)

Jodè and I went to Greenacres to buy a birthday present for Anke, a friend from Jodé. After that we went to Eileen that I can fetch my things that I forgot there. After that we visited some family members.

I´m not allowed going to the scouts because the car is broken and mum doesn’t want that we drive a long distance in the evening with it. -.-  Tina, Jodé and I fetched food from a restaurant and went home to eat it.


Saturday 19.11.2011 

My day was okay. Jodé and I went to the birthday from Anke. It was her 21st, which is like the 18th in Germany. It was nice. We was there the whole evening until 11:30 p.m. We had a braai in her house.


Sunday 20.11.2011

Funny date : 20 11 20 11 ;)

I had a nice sister’s day. Jodé, Tina and I went to Cleary park to buy the things that we need to cook, we cooked the whole day together and then we ate definitely too much but it was very nice. We watched a movie. Our washing machine is at the right place now, which means I can wash my things tomorrow. ;)


Monday 21.11.2011

My day was okay. I washed my whole things in the washing machine and packed my things for the cape tour. That sounds like nothing but it was actually my whole day. I had three machines full of washing, it is only a small washing machine. Jodé had also free (oh yes I forgot, sorry I had FREE ;) ) and we had a nice day together. Uh, I like it to have two older sisters ;) Jodé, Tina and I watched a nice movie in the evening and Tina brought us some cake with. I was a very nice cake. Jodé found a little Keyboard in her room and taught me the easy version from the national anthem on it. We had a funny evening.


Tuesday 22.11.2011 

FREE!!! ;)

Jodé and I fetched mum from the airport and brought her to her work. We went shopping, because she needs winter closing for her exchange month in January/ February in America. After that we went to school, because she wanted to say hello.

At home I tidied up my room. Now I am writing for you the blog report and after I put it in for you I have to learn bio for tomorrow.


Meine Lieben die nur deutsch sprechen;)

Ich hatte 1 ½ sehr tolle und aufregende Wochen. Ich war in einem Elefanten Park und habe mehr als „ nur“ Elefanten gesehen. Dort haben wir Gesines Geburtstag gefeiert. Wir ist der Sleepover Club bestehend aus Kathi, Eileen, Gesine und mir. Wir hatten einen YFU Familien Tag. Ich war mit Dominik, Sophie und Eileen shoppen und im Kino. Und endlich habe ich auch mal wieder meine Wäsche waschen können in der neuen Waschmaschine die wir jetzt seit über einer Woche haben. Ich habe meine Sachen für die Cape Tour gepackt.


Habt noch eine schöne Zeit ohne mich, schließlich ist mein erstes drittel schon um.

Eure euch liebende



das ist ein ziemlich cooler song und ich dachte das passt einfach mal so richtig gut. Das lied ist von Irie revoltes und heißt merci


merci, merci

je dis merci à ma famille, je dis merci à mes ami(e)s

merci, merci

für all die kraft und energie

merci, merci

je dis merci à ma famille, je dis merci à mes ami(e)s

merci, merci

merci das es euch gibt


ihr seid immer noch für mich da, auch wenn sich jeder andre wegdreht.

egal ob es bei mir gerade gut läuft oder schlecht geht,

muss ich nie daran zweifeln, dass ihr euer letztes hemd gebt:

denn ihr seid mein doppelter boden,

auf dem ich fest steh.

unser zusammenhalt besteht jede Zerreißprobe.

nichts kann uns trennen, keine grenze, keine zeitzone.

merci für den rückhalt.

ihr schwingt keine leeren reden,

sondern gebt mir das gefühl, als könnten wir die ganze welt bewegen.

Zwischem Examstress und relaxen an freien Tagen

Donnerstag, 10.11.2011

Hello again,

I hope you are well.

I thought, maybe you want to know what happened in my life here, so here is my report. Have fun.

The last part is in German for everyone that is not that good in English like me. ;P

 But first: “Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. Life is about dancing in the rain.” [Vivian Greene] Nice or?

Sunday 30.10.2011

I was with mum, Ricky and Tina in Greenacres. I bought me a nice bag and we ate lunch at KFC. Back at home I watched with Tina “house”.  We watched a long time “house” than I started to iron my things. I decided to go with other YFU-students for two weeks in a township to live there with a family and go to school. It will be any when in February/March.


Monday 31.10.2011

My day was okay. I slept longer and brought than with mum our car in the garage that someone can fix it. After that she brought me to school. I had some extra music lessons with my dad (Mr. Lawack) for the exams.

After that I wrote my first maths exam. :(

I cooked for Tina, Jodè and me Bratkartoffeln. They like it very much.  

Tina and I watched a very scared movie, after that I went sleeping.


Tuesday 01.11.2011


After a shower and a nice pancake breakfast I tried to get out of the house but something was wrong with my front-door- lock- key, so I run downstairs to leave through the garage. I run from outside up to try again to get the door open. This time Cleary Park and bought me airtime.

I tidied up my room and sat with Tina and Jodè in Tina’s room, we talked a lot.


Wednesday 02.11.2011

11 moths!! Love you! <3

The second maths exam was not better than the first one, but okay I was never good in maths. Mum fetched me after the exam and brought me to Eileen. We went with her aunt Melanie and the boyfriend from Melanie to Greenacres. Eileen and I bought fruits to make a fruit salad and pancakes. Back at home we were the most time in the kitchen and had fun. ;)  We talked a lot and had fun.


Thursday 03.11.2011


Eileen and I woke up very early, because her little host siblings made very much noises. We watched a movie and ate breakfast. After that we enjoyed the sun and helped Melanie to clean the house. They washed some of my things with in their washing machine. We went to spar and bought ice cream.

Very late mum, Tina and Jodè fetched me and Eileen. We watched TV and talked after that we went to bed.


Friday 04.11.2011

FREEEEEEEE!!!! Of course

We slept long and after a breakfast we went to Cleary Park, because Eileen needed some things. Back at home we watched a movie. We helped mum cooking and talked a lot together and with mum. Jodè, Tina and me brought Eileen home. After that they dropped me at the scouts. The scouts were very nice. And they like our German scout uniform. ;) It was a little bit longer than normally because we ate together and watched movies about the whole year. It was nice to see what they done the year.

Jodè fetched me and I felt in a deep sleep as soon we were home.


Saturday 05.11.2011

I was with mum in different shopping malls. We bought food for the week and things like that. We were in a German shop that was funny. After that we drove to the chines area. Back at home I washed my things. I was so tired that I felt afterwards in sleep. Tina invited me to watch with her “CSI Miami”.  We cooked and ate together.


Sunday 06.11.2011

I was with mum in her church. It was nice but long and warm. Mum, Tina, Jodè and me watched a movie at home. “Honey 2”. Is nice but totally not like “Honey “. Tina has always the movies that are new and actually in the cinemas, that is so cool. We ate something and drove to some family members. After that I had to iron my things. Tina, Jodè and I watched a very funny show.


Monday 07.11.2011

Because mum has a new work she can´t bring me late to school. Jodè had free and came with me to school to say hi to everyone. I learned in the school for my sciences exam. The exam started at 12 and was okay. I was finish at 3:30. Jodè fetched me at 4 and we both fetched mum at 5. They brought me home and leaved again to go the doctor for Jodè`s visa. Mama, Jodè has to do now all the things we had to do for my visa, so we are not the only ones. ;)

I ate with Tina and Jodè.

After that my family phoned me that was very nice!!!

Auntie Virginia came, and we talked a little bit in the time I washed the dishes.


Tuesday 08.11.2011

I was again too early in school. I learned with my daddy for the music exam. My music exam was okay. In the lesson I had really the feeling that I understand now everything but in the exam it was like they speak a totally different language with me. But, like in the other exams, I tried my best. I am still glad that I don`t have to past the exams.

Mum came to fetch me and bring me to the taxis, but we both had no money. So I had to sit with her in her new office, but that was okay. I like her old office more.

Auntie Madeleine, a secretary from our school and a friend from Jodè, told me that she wants to go swimming every day after school and I can come with her. That is so cool. We want to start in the next weeks.

At home I washed my things.

We ate really late dinner.


Wednesday 09.11.2011

Thanks Luisa for this nice letter from the USA. Your German is like mine, cute and wrong. That’s why I write in English. ;)

Mum brought me to school at 7 (!) I learned in Auntie Madeleine’s office for English. We both drove to her to fetch her phone. At 12:30 my exam started like the most days but we have to sit in the room 30 minutes earlier. The exam was really okay. It was about poems, a book and a play. I didn`t had to read the book so I had to do less than the others but I needed the whole time until 3. I had to go to mums old office to wait there for here. I talked with the nice secretary there but it was boring and strange without mum.

Our car was again in the garage but no one knows what wrong is.  

I relaxed in my room, ate with my family and went to bed.


Thursday 10.11.2011

My second music exam was okay and easy. We only had to listen to music and to say what kind of music that is. The exam started at 8:30, so we had to sit there at 8. We sciences students had an extra lesson for the next exam. Mum fetched me and brought me to the taxis. We asked if it is the one which goes straight to Cleary Park, they said yes. Yes they drove to Cleary Park, but another way. I panicked, because the taxis here are not save. But it was all okay.  At home I ate something, washed my things and relaxed. Now I write my report for you.


Wollt ihr wirklich, dass ich versuche in Deutsch zu schreiben?

Oma, Opa, das mache ich nur für Euch! ;)

Also meine letzten Tage waren ganz okay. Ich hatte die ganze Zeit irgendwelche Examen in der Schule. Die meisten waren ganz okay. Ich habe einfach mein bestes versucht. Zwischendurch hatte ich frei. Von Mittwochmittag bis Freitagabend habe ich mich mit Eileen (einem anderen YFU Mädchen) getroffen. Wir hatten viel Spaß. Die Pfadfinder waren ganz okay. Ich habe mich in diesem Blogeintrag ziemlich darüber beschwert das ich jetzt oft ziemlich früh in der Schule bin da Myrnah ja ihren neuen Job hat. Ich war wieder mit Myrnah in ihrer Kirche. Irgendwie schreibe ich ziemlich durcheinander, ich hoffe es reicht euch so. Und wenn nicht, vielleicht reicht es ja wenn ich auch sage , dass es mir gut geht.




Love and miss you



ich würde mich auch mal wieder über Post, mails und KOMENTARE freuen

zwischen springenden bällen und letztem Schultag

Samstag, 29.10.2011


No, I didn´t forget you! ;)



I was today with Myrnah in her church. It was okay, but I like Jodè´s church more. After that we bought our food. Did I tell you that the shops are open here on Sundays? Sorry if not. It was a very hot day today. 40°C in the sun and the sun is everywhere. Tina, mum and I cooked together and cleaned the house.



So, now are the holidays over, and it is HOT!!! 43°C in the sun!! Are you jealous?

The first school day from the 4th term was nice. I got good marks in English and music. And Mr. Lawack it is too hot to play the piano, so we talk the whole period. I like him very much, he is very cool. And it was also too hot to play tennis. We don´t have a hall for tennis, we play outside, and the tennis field is directly in the sun. I was early at home, after a hot bus trip and I used my power to know how to use the washing machine. MUHAHAHAHA!!!

After washing was my day boring. Why is the pool not open? I miss to swim.

I watched in the evening a movie with Tina.



My day was nice. I had to go to Afrikaans, because Mr. Lawack had no time, but I was there in the second break for some music stuff that I didn´t understand. If you know Mr. Lawack, then you know everyone. He introduces me every time to everyone.

We had two little birds in our school building, and my Afrikaans teacher doesn´t like birds. He looked so funny in the time he tries to get them out of his classroom area.

I done my homework at home and cleaned a little bit the kitchen.

I watched a movie with Tina and cooked with her.



I am very happy!!! ;)

Today was photo day in the school. We took with different classes’ group photos but no single photos.

We had not really lessons today; it was the whole time that anyone has to go out for the next photo.

And I watched again with Tina a movie. I like Tina very much. She is very nice, and I am glad that she is also staying here. She is sometimes earlier at home than Jodè.



My day was nice, and the school was okay.

Now I can introduce myself in Afrikaans. Dankie, Mr. Lawack. At the end of the school day we had an assembly. The most of my friends are now prefects.

Tennis was very nice, but I can feel that I´m getting now a “tennis- arm”.

And again: I watched a movie with Tina. ;)



Today was the valedictory from the matrics. That is the good bye speech. It was okay, but it was early finish so I had to wait a looooooooooong time, until my bus came, and I was the only one from Linkside today in my bus. In the time I had to wait I talked with Dominik, the guy from Switzerland.

At home I tried to wash my and Tina´s things in the washing machine but it´s broke. ´So I had to do very much with my hands, because it was all wet. -.-

After that I dressed me for the springball. The springball was very nice!!!! The music was okay, but everyone was in a good mood. It was fun! I like balls. Let`s have one in Fischbek after the summer holidays. ;)



I organized a meeting with some YFU people. I asked everyone, we was seven who wanted to go to the swimming pool, but only me and two others were coming. And the swimming pool was closed, so we went to the beach and had there a nice day! ;) Is it not crazy that now the beach season starts? In OCTOBER! And the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is it tradition to be at the beach. That means DECEMBER. When I think about these months than I think about a grey sky, freezing, rain, snow, winter…

But it was a nice day with Eileen, Paul, mum, Ricky (Le Rique´s nickname) and Tina. At home, after we brought the others home, I washed my things and fell in sleep in mum’s bed. When I woke up again it was late and she was gone.




I was the whole day at home with mum. We cooked together and watched TV. I washed some things, yes again; I think I am a pig. ;)



Thank you for the amazing postcard Mama.

My school day was nice. I gave Lance (the boy who invited me to the scouts) a German lesson. He is very good, and had no problem with the word “Streichholzschächtelchen” (but my laptop has problems with this word) My Afrikaans period was nice and funny. I shall all greet you from my favorite teacher Mr. Lawack. ;) He wants to help me with my good-bye school speech, that I can say something in Afrikaans as well and that my English is perfect. I think that is a good idea but I don`t want to think about my good bye speech now!

I was so stupid I forgot my tennis things at home!!!

Tina and I watched “house” like the most evenings.



My school day was, like a school day has to be: boring and loooong ;) my Afrikaans teacher asks always where I am. Cute or?

I recognized today that I can speak now without thinking how to speak. It is hard to explain, but when you speak German you know what you say without really think about it.

I watched again with Tina “house”.



So my Afrikaans teacher don`t has to miss me anymore, I was today two periods in his class. After school I had to take a bus, like the most days. But today it was a totally different bus, without the primary pupils and with another bus driver. He told us that he is driving the same way. So everyone paid. Behind us was in the time we wanted to leave “our” bus. That was a big chaos. I stayed in the little bus. And that was good! I was earlier at home. We were only 7 people in this bus, and the bus driver drove only to our places and not through all areas.  

I done my LO project at home and watched with Tina “house”.



My wisdom teeth starting to grow! That hurts! -.-

The school was okay. We wrote a complicated English test. After school we had a tennis match. But only three girls from the other school I was coming, so not everyone can play. I was one of the not player.

Guess what I done with Tina. … Yes 100 marks!! I watched “house” ;)



I don`t know what happens now; … someone here is getting old; … don´t be worry don`t be wired; … It´s Katja`s birthday yeah… give me a h, give me an a, give me a p, give me a p, give me a y, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Okay it sounds nicer when my class is singing it. But happy birthday sweetie! 

The busses started to strike and the taxis as well. So I had to sit in mum´s office.

Jodè asked me, if we want to go to a concert from her church. I said yes. She came very late, and told me that we are not going any more. It was too late to go to the scouts. They don`t like it when you come late. So Tina, Jodè and I had a nice sisters evening with ice cream. We talked a lot and watched a movie.



My day was nice. I did my English project. Katharina asked me if we want to meet us in Cleary Park. So we met us there and talked nonsense. She was there with her family and not very long.

I bought ice-cream for me and Jodè and then we watched TV.

After that I started to write the text for my blog.



I slept long. After I took a shower I cooked with mum. She started a conversation with the sentence: “You don`t have to change your host family anymore.” Okay … I think I looked very confused and crazy. She explained me that her boss wants that she is moving with him and the company to Pretoria. That means I have to change the family. But now she found a new job, which means all is okay. The food was nice.

Jodè and I drove to the confirmation from a friend from Jodè. It was nice and funny. No one there wanted to belief me that I am only sixteen. Everyone thought that I must be older than 17. One said I am 25! Mama, are you sure that we are not sisters? Everyone makes you younger, me older so we can be twins ;)

Back at home I watched a movie. ;)



My school day was nice. I talked a lot with Mr. Lawack. It is so much fun to talk with him, especially when it is nonsense and that it is the most time. He told me that whenever I have maybe really to change the family I can live with him and his family. ;) I wrote a maths test and I am so bad in maths here. We had no tennis, but my English class had to stay in the school to present the English oral projects. I think my oral was okay. Here in South Africa you not really learn to stand in front of a group, so they all was very nervous and used the most time “ahm, mmh, … yes… actually…” I all ways write that the school was nice or okay or good or things like that, but it is really good, I don`t write it that you think I am happy I write it because I am happy and I like my school.

I watched a movie with Tina.




My family sends me a packet and it is today arrived.

The school was nice.

After school I had to take a taxi. The taxi station in our area is at Cleary Park, so I had to walk up and down at home. If I was there I changed my clothes and looked if I have post. There was a letter. It said: please come to the Cleary park post office here is a packet for you. So the whole way back and after I had my packet again at home. 

That was my whole day ;)




But it was a long day. Actually the day was not longer then normally but it felt like it is longer. Everyone loves the German chocolate. It is nearly empty now. I washed my things.

I cooked with Tina and watched house with her.



My day was soooooooo nice. Mum and I fetched Sophie (another YFU girl) and then we drove to Dominik. We three talked and talked and talked the whole morning. It was really early, because mum has to go to work after she dropt us. We talked in German, but only because Sophie has many not nice problems with her host family and she was happy to speak with someone about it. We all are not very happy how the South African YFU works. We all together, 13 PE students, have only 3 leaders, and they have not much time. We decided to go to the shopping mall and to go to the cinema. We watched “Friends with benefits” nice movie!!!! After that we ate a pizza and walked through the shopping mall. Mum fetched me and Sophie in the afternoon and brought Sophie home.

In the evening I had a nice talk with Tina and Jodè. They told me that they would like to be an YFU teamer.



And again a birthday, guys it would be so much easier if you had birthday on the same day all together!  ;)



First exam day!!!

 I had to stand up, like every school day. But my exam stated at 12:30h. I had to be in the school at 12:00h, so I was with mum in her office. My English exam was okay, but not easy, and totally different like we write final exams in Germany.

Mum brought me afterwards at home. I slept a little bit and went then with her and her friends dancing. That was nice. Yes, maybe you see here skin colour and religion but you never see the age. It doesn`t matter how old you really are, you can have friends in every age.

I was very late at home but it was soooooooo nice!



Tina, Ricky and I ate breakfast together. After that we watched house. Mum came and told us that we want to go to a swimming pool. So we get dressed and put our things together. It was a cloudy day but the pool was nice. Not big, but nice. After a time the sun came out and it was hot. The pool is directly at the ocean and I saw an orca and dolphins!!! That was so nice. After the swimming we drove to a farm. It is a little bit like “kiekeberg”. We fed the animals and ate there lunch. Back at home I took a shower, watched house and now I am writing my blog and am exited to chat just now with you.


So see you …

Enjoy yourself


Samstag, 08.10.2011

Hi Guys!

Do you have Bananas in Germany? Are there many white peoples in Germany? Is Switzerland a part of Germany?

I don´t know how often people asked me if we have Bananas in Germany. I wish that we have not, but yes we have. They look very surprised when I tell them that you can buy nearly everything in Germany.

Another girl from Germany is in a Coloureds and Blacks school. Only three students are white. And she is the only blond one. Everyone touch her hair and face. And ask her if in Germany many white peoples live.


But the best thing is what they ask Dominik from Switzerland. He is also in my school. You have to know that my school loves Germany and every German is specially you can find everywhere German flags. (More than I ever saw on my school, do we have ONE German flag in our school (´s)?)

Okay they ask him if he is also a German exchange student. Of course his answer is no. The next question is “where are you from?” He said Switzerland. “Where is Switzerland?” his answer: „In the Europe under Germany.”  “Aha, can you speak some switzerish for us?” He can`t stop to laugh and answers “No. We don´t have our own language, we speak French and German.” “So you speak German?” “Yes!” “So you are from Germany?!” “No, I´m from Switzerland!” The next sentence is the best “And this is a part from Germany?!”  Dominik is rolling with his eyes and can`t stop laughing, but they don’t understand or they don’t want to understand that he is NOT from Germany!

 Ha-ha-ha!! Poor boy!! ;)

Germany is growing!! ;)


Okay but now to my report! Diary come to me I need you!! (It doesn’t listen! So I have to fetch it!)



Anything was today… any birthday… gosh… ahhh thanks diary… MARIEEEEEEE HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

(I never will forget your birthday!! It was too much fun in the last years!! I say only Grade 7 and the sleepover with nearly the whole class in your flat and the boys. Uhhh… nice memories (: )          

The school today was very nice and short. We only wrote our LO (Life Orientation, this unnecessary subject like “BO”) exam and at 11h I was at home again. But the exam was heavy! They used words I never heard before and my dictionary doesn´t translate them. I was very confused and happy that the question also was in Afrikaans, so I understood a little bit more.

I was sooo tired after school that I slept a long time.

Myrnah and I went in the evening to the same auntie with the “Einweihungsparty”. I like auntie Jouanita and her daughter Kehly (yes that’s how you spell the names!) The Dinner was nice. We were very late at home.



The school day was shorter than any of the last ones. We were in the school for one hour. It was a big assembly and then everyone got there report. I don`t got one, because I wasn’t there the whole 3rd Term. You get here 4(!) reports in a year!! Now I have SPRING holidays for a week.

Myrnah, Jodè and I visited in the afternoon Chandra. It was her Farewell. It is like “Abiball” but much bigger. She looked so nice! It was like a wedding or something like that. With photo shooting and a boy who came from a city five hours away from here!

Myrnah and I drove to the hall where the party was. I saw every Matric going in. Boah… they looked very nice!

After that Myrnah and I drove through the night. That was funny!


Thanks for the letter mam. And thanks that you told ME in German that I have to learn more English here!!! That was confusing to read and answering in German! But thanks for the letter! Yours is on the way and one of them is for Jojo, I think he can read it on his own (and one for Hannes) <3 



STOPP!!! One question: Where is the September? I have the feeling he is away. But where is he going? Why that fast? If you ever see MY September again, please bring him back to me or tell him he shall come back!! Can you belief it, that he is gone without to saying good bye?! Yesterday he was there and today when I woke up the October said hello! Unbelievable!!

Today was my first YFU meeting. And every one of us asked the same questions. We met us at the beach. The weather was so nice that we all gone swimming in the OCEAN! That was cool. (Both meanings!) After that we spoke all together about the lekker, nice and good things that have happened in our time. After a long talk we went to lunch in “the boardwalk” (that’s a fun park.) We had a very long and lekker Lunchtime, but after a time everyone was finished so we gone to speak about problems and the not so nice things. My only problem was that I had no problems. And I was very lucky not to have the problems that the others had. It was so nice and cool and lekker to see the others again and to speak with them. I like my YFU-Group very much. We had very much fun. Normally we want to go to the beach again, but the weather changed. So we went ten pin bowling. That was very funny. I´m so bad in this game, but that’s “egal” (my friends use this word now because I used it so often without to recognizing it) it was nevertheless funny!! The most of us can speak German so please guess in which language we spoke. When you think German … than you are on the wrong way!! When you say English … than you read my reports very good and know that I´m too confused and the others are as well. I was the whole day happy, until Iris told us that we Germans have to 50% have to leave South Africa 20 days earlier. 20 days, that is nearly 3 weeks and many more experience that we miss than!!! The South African consulate in Berlin is stressing again. It is the same who stressed with our visas. YFU try to manage it now but they don`t want to listen. They say the 2nd Term is over in the beginning of June, so why shall the students stay until the 26th of June? BECAUSE it is a year and we WANT this EXPERINCES from this 20 DAYS as well!!!!!!!! Nee man, that’s not lekker!! (Speak it niiie Mann that’s not lekker) We were all a little bit sad, but then someone makes jokes and all was okay again! It was a very nice day and I fell dead in my bed.



Malte, 10 Months!!! <3

And they were running!! So please don´t tell me that my 10 months here will run that fast as well!!

It was cold and rainy and cold!!! (Anywhere else, it was snowing!!!)

In Jeffry’s Bay was a shell festival. So we drove there, but it was raining cats and dogs (funny picture in my head) there as well. So there was no festival anymore. But Tina´s Aunt Virginia stays in Humansdorp that is not far away from JBay and she invited us for lunch. So we drove to her and ate some delicious lunch. After that we stayed a little bit longer it was very boring!! I was so tiered because I haven’t slept well in the night, don’t ask me why. At home Ricky, (Le Riquè´s nickname) Tina and I watched movies.



“Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit für das deutsche Vaterland. Danach lasst uns alle streben Brüderlich mit Herz und Hand. Einigkeit und Recht und Freiheit sind des Glückes Unterpfad. |:| Blühe im Glanze dieses Glückes, blühe deutsches Vaterland.|:|” Okay I can´t say I wish you a nice “Tag der deutschen Einheit” because you don’t say it but whatever. My calendar told me that we have today a holiday in Germany. And I learned the German national anthem, because no one wants to believe me that I don´t know the whole lyrics from our short and only in one language anthem.

Here the South African one:

  1. 1.   (IsiXhosa and IsiZulu)

“Nkosi sikelel´iAfrika                                         

    Maluphakanyisw´uphondo lwayo,

    Yizwa imithandazo yethu,

    Nkosi sikelela, thina lusapho lwayo.

  1. 2.   (Sesotho)

Morena boloka setihaba sa heso,

O fedise dintwa la matshwenyeho,

O se boloke, O se boloke setjhaba sa heso,

Setjhaba sa South Africa-South Africa.

  1. 3.   (Afrikaans)

Uit die blou van onse hemel,

Uit die diepte van ons see,

Oor ons ewige gebergtes,

Waar die kranse antwoord gee.

  1. 4.   (English)

     Sounds the call to come together,

     And united we shall stand,

     Let us live and strive for freedom,

     In South Africa, our land.”



Translation 1-3:

Lord, bless Africa, may her spirit rise high up, hear thou our prayers, lord, bless us.

Lord, bless Africa, banish wars and strife, Lord, bless our nation of South Africa

Ringing out from our blue heavens, from our deep seas breaking round, over everlasting mountains, where the echoing crags resound.


Okay but now you want to know everything about my day, or?

I went to Cleary Park. Yes again! I ate breakfast and buy me some airtime for my phone and my Internet stick. But I understood Tina wrong and so my internet is empty again. After 15 minutes. So I have to go to Cleary Park tomorrow again. Maybe it would be clever when I write now my letters finish to send them tomorrow and not sitting in front of my laptop and writing for you any staff!! ;) I was a little bit window shopping. And I send my first and definitely my last packet to Germany. Malte be happy that you are the one who is getting a packet! Ek is honger!! Cookies, I´m coming!! Oh, shame man, why don’t we have lemon-cream cookies in Germany? That’s wrong we have only “Prinzenrolle” but they have something like that with lemon-cream!! So lekker man! And you CAN NOT eat it because you are not in South Africa.

Oh, how stupid is that?! Some one, I am guessing that it is Lazlo, is using the WASHING MACHINE!! Grrrrrr….! Okay I`ll bring my things after the holidays to the laundry. BUT I washed this morning MY THINGS with MY HANDS!!!!! Lazy boy!! -.-

Or better lazy sister, it was Tina. BUT she showed me how to use the “washing machine”. So I can wash my staff tomorrow with a WASHING MACHINE!!!!! The last time I used one, is now 2 months ago. Okay sometimes (all 2-3 weeks) we bring our things in the Laundry.

In the evening I had a nice talk with Tina and Myrnah.



Gosh, it is really now 2 months ago that you brought me to the airport?

Okay I will survive this fact.

First I filled cold water in the washing machine and then IT washed my things for 15 minutes, then I took the things out, after that I had to wash the things with my hands in clear water and then I put it in the “schleudergang” and the washing machine spun my things. So the machine is more a help than anything else. I was again in Cleary Park to buy airtime, but only for that! Myrnah came to fetch me that we both can fetch Katharina. Katharina is also a German exchange student. Her host parents were on a trip with the church, and she doesn’t want to stay with her brothers alone. I can understand that. When you are alone and have nothing to do than you get homesick. And here is it normally to spend as a teenager your free time in front of the TV, because without money, a driver´s license and/or someone who can bring you, you can´t do anything. It is too dangerous on the streets. So Katharina asked me if we can have a sleepover in my house. We had a very nice evening and night. We watched movies.



We woke up very early, because my host family has to go to work and university, and were not very quiet. We spoke a very long time about everything and nothing. After that we ate breakfast and walk to Cleary Park, only because I am allowed to go alone around. I am so lucky that I am allowed to go alone, but only the main streets and only in the one direction. The most of the other exchange students are not allowed to be alone on the streets. We were window shopping and bought muffins things. We decided that we want to bake muffins tomorrow. On the way back, Katharina saw a Photo print shop, but she forgot her stick and memory card in my house. So we went back to fetch her things. Back in Cleary Park she printed her Photos und we bought some ice cream, it was so warm outside! Back at home we cleaned the garden chairs, and sit in the back yard. Boo was very happy that some caress her. Lazlo look very surprised that we sat in the garden. I think we were the first persons they sit that long chatting in the back yard. But the weather was so nice, and we are not that kind of teenagers that need the TV the whole day to survive. I think we can survive without a TV. But if it got cold we put the chairs back and watched a movie. My host family came home and we ate together. Tina bought a new DVD that we watched together. After that Katharina and I went very early to bed.



Katharina and I ate breakfast and took a shower after each other. Katharina delighted to take a real shower. Her shower is not that strong and she is only allowed to take once maybe twice a week a shower, because the family has not so much water. How I told you I am very happy not to have the same problems like the others. After that, guess what we done, right we was in Cleary Park! ;) Katharina wants to have internet on her phone, but the women in the shop can´t help us. We were again window shopping and Katharina bought a very expensive dress, but she looked very nice in it. Back at home we baked the muffins. We were good in the time, but Myrnah came an hour too early to bring us to Gesine. Gesine is a Swedish exchange student. She is living on a big farm in a relative rich family. We were the whole day outside in the garden, or in the cage with the animals. Her host family is very nice. Eileen, she is also from Germany, came later to the sleepover. We watched the photos from everyone, spoke about this and that and laughed a lot. We all cooked later together. After the dinner and a nice chat with her host mother, we gone in the lounge and watched a movie. I don’t know why but Napoleon wants to sleep on my lap. He is a little cute dog. Whisky and Princes were very jealous so I had later three dogs on my lap!



After all got dressed we eat our breakfast outside in the sunshine. We were lying in the sun. Gesine´s Host mother asked us if we like to come with to the beach. So we changed our clothes to bikinis and went with. But it was not a sandy beach, it was with rocks. So we climbed a little bit at the rocks. She showed us another beach but it was too cold and with too many rocks to go swimming. We saw free living penguins!!!

Back on the farm we had a nice lunch. We four had very much fun and want to meet us again. I hope it will be again at Gesine’s big farm.  

Myrnah came to bring Katharina home and me to the scouts.

The scouts were very nice. But I was so tired.            



Today was a lazy day. I did nothing. I wrote this report finish, played games on my laptop, wrote my diary, but I did nothing special! I was alone. I took a shower. All this things but nothing that is interesting.


And now Sarah wants to chat with me so I come online and you can have this report.




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